Our Homestay's & forest rules

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    • The use of any type of illegal drugs/weed/liquor(vaatt) is prohibited inside the forest and property. Strict legal action will be taken against the violation of this rule. Such actions will be reported to police/forest authorities
    • Do not cut trees or pluck leaves or throw stones
    • Do not throw plastic bottles and wrappers in the forest
    • Do not write on Rock faces or Trees if any
    • Do not walk/trail beyond 6 pm or alone due to safety concerns. Intimate your requirements to the caretaker
    • Do not jump into the river or cross without the caretaker’s/forest guide’s permission. They will show you a safe area if you want to bath
    • Do not carry valuables with you
    • This trip is basically to experience nature, not destroy it
    • Guests must be a minimum of 18 years of age to check-in. For security purposes, a valid government-issued ID is required upon check-in to check into the room. 
    • Web check-in is mandatory before entering the forest – https://forms.gle/SPyzwxyDJiZ1nUNu6 

The above points are in line with the guideline of the Forest/Police Department

Terms & Conditions

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  • Our property is situated inside the forest and the roads are soft offroad. You can drive if you have SUV or 4×4 vehicle. Or you can keep your vehicles in the designated place(https://goo.gl/maps/qHiU4yevdEoz7zRP9), and you will be picked up from there in a Jeep/Thar to go further inside the forest (Extra cost).
  • This is not a luxury trip. This is an activity involving a trip (forest view, off-road drive, river, nature walk, jeep safari, fish catch, campfire, BBQ) Let’s behave appropriately.
  • You can also expect to have small insects and animals which are completely harmless to give you company.
  • How Many People Can Stay(Maximum): Check here to know the limits in each room Our recommendation is between 10-12 pax if you select a full property, but the rest is based on your fun and coordination capacity.


  • Transfer minimum 50% of the total payment to +919288888846(Google pay) or jaisonje@oksbi (UPI id) in advance to book the room. Please make 100% of the total payment before check-in in the room. The caretaker will ask for the receipt of payments to enter into books. You may experience payment failure while transferring the payments due to low internet in some networks, so try to send the payment along with web check-in (before entering the forest).

    Power & Network

  • We may face power failures/frequent power fluctuations when there are rain and wind since it’s a single-phase line that is coming through the forest. We have power backups like inverters and generators. But don’t expect 100% working of all the lights and functionalities of equipment if there is no power/wind/rain. Still, if it’s running for more than the expected time let’s enjoy it.
  • Airtel has less network coverage. We are happy to share our Jio 4G wifi password. But limited to 25GB/per day 
  • Care taker

  • Call the caretaker (+91 8589990333) for any kind of assistance/guidance. The caretaker will leave the property at 9-10 pm. But he will be available on call.
  • We believe that ‘Self Service’ is the best way to feel privacy. We have only one caretaker to support you so expect the delay if multiple tasks are there.

    Cancelation Policy

    • 15 days before check-in : Full Refund

    • 07 days before check-in : 50% Refund
      (We will keep this amount for your next booking)

    • Before 48 hrs of check-in : No Refund
      (We will keep this amount for your next booking)

    • No Show : No refund


    Don't forgot

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      • Bring necessary medicines/other items along with you. The first shop is 7 km away from your place of stay.
      • Bring mosquito/insect repellent spray/cream
      • Bring a water bottle with you so that you can refill it from time to time and let’s minimize the use of plastic.
      • Bring lengthy trousers and appropriate shoes for walking
      • Bring a lightweight umbrella or raincoat if it is in the rainy season. 
      • Bring additional pair of dresses along with a bath towel and swimming costumes/water-resistant outfits
      • Bring some energy bars or necessary food if you require it. 

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